Prorogue For The People

The people have spoken. What we need is someone in Downing Street willing to finally Brexit.

Revelations in recent days suggest that regardless the line Theresa May was spinning the British public, she’d made no real attempt to leverage the possibility of ‘no-deal’ in the interests of a good Brexit. It’s well known her ‘withdrawal agreement’ (the vassal state Brexit in name only) was rejected over and over, and was the kind of deal only a 5th column EU-phile would support.

Since the referendum the voice of the people exercised in 2016 has been sidelined, blocked and parried by a Remainer PM and a largely remain Parliament. Both have up to now held the people in contempt. In anticipation of a future Boris making the decision to finally leave the EU Parliament and the Lords are already putting their chess pieces in place to prevent him – they still hold the people in contempt.

So, with that in mind, if Boris was to prorogue Parliament in order to honour the referendum result, would you support it?