BBC To Send ‘Outreach Officers’ To Remind Elderly To Pay TV Tax

The kind and generous BBC will be sending their TV Tax Inspectors round… I mean their ‘outreach officers’, to make sure granny has paid for her license now it’s not free.

I’m still amazed that such a license requirement exists. It’s an archaic funding model akin to the Georgian window tax in its arbitrary nature. The world, the technology, the market has moved on. The BBC is now competing with high quality commercial media producers and distributors. It’s not filling any kind of gap in the market, yet demands extorted payments to continue its unnecessary existence.

It’s time this white elephant of a bygone era moved to a subscriber or advertising based funding. Then if people want it, they can pay for it, and if they don’t want it, it has no business demanding payments with the threat of prison.

The BBC will send “outreach” officers to over-75s to remind them that they will have to pay to watch television from now on.

Source: BBC Plans to Send ‘Outreach’ Officers to Remind Elderly to Pay TV Tax