Britbox And The TV Tax

The launch of Brit Box will begin the unraveling of BBC license based funding.

Many are asking the question: ‘hang on, if I already paid my license, why am I being charged to watch BBC programmes again?’ And its a fair point. As the scab is carefully picked off by those who look more and more closely to ask “why?” about the license, it will become clearer how those funds are used, how the ‘BBC’ is not merely a public service, but a mish-mash of state enforced funding, private company spin offs and deals with production companies.

In short, it will demonstrate once and for all that it’s not a public service, but a business, in competition with other business, and as such has no place getting unfair advantage in the market through state guaranteed funding by law and charter.

The venture is primarily owned and controlled by ITV and will include original programming developed for the service.

Source: BBC and ITV to launch BritBox streaming service to rival Netflix