Not Guilty! Darren Grimes Wins Appeal

Not Guilty! One has to wonder what degree of vicious vindictiveness drives the state to spend half a million pounds prosecuting a young man for ticking the wrong box on paperwork. Of course we suspect it’s simply because he campaigned for Brexit, and the establishment is determined to prove that somehow, even though it had everything stacked in its Remain favour (including the famous pre-referendum leaflet paid for by taxpayers), the Brexiteers’ victory should be discounted and discredited. Darren Grimes is just another persecuted Brexiteer who has been exonerated from the charges of bitter sore losing Remainers. Following his victory in court Darren said:

“The Electoral Commission’s case was based on an incorrectly ticked box on an application form – something that it had been aware of for over two years and had not been raised in two previous investigations. Yet the Commission still saw fit to issue an excessive fine and to spend almost half a million in taxpayer cash pursuing me through the courts. This raises serious questions about its conduct both during and after the referendum.

“Today’s verdict is a victory against the Remain Establishment which has done all it can to try and discredit the biggest electoral victory in this country’s history. The powerful vested interests in this country don’t like the idea of the people taking back control. This victory is for every one of the 17.4 million who dared to defy the doomsayers and who want the referendum to be respected.

“There has been a well- funded, coordinated campaign against me and those that have stood up to the Remain Establishment. Well today they have lost. I just hope that their attempts to overturn our democratic structures don’t put more people off from getting involved in politics. It is vital that people from my generation get involved in democracy and help shape the future of our country. I hope the Electoral Commission’s actions do not put young people off from engaging in politics.”

Well said Darren, I’m right with you.


County Court has ruled in favour of Darren Grimes’ appeal, exonerating him of the Electoral Commission’s kangaroo court imposed fine. The Commission’s argument for their egregious fine hinged on Darren’s accidental registering as an individual campaigner rather than a group. The Court has found that this is clearly disproportionate for ticking the wrong box… […]

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