Free Marketers Are Not Left or Right

“Boris Johnson has signalled his ruthless determination to deliver Brexit and stoked speculation about an early general election by sacking more than half of Theresa May’s cabinet and packing his team with Vote Leave veterans and rightwing free marketers.”

So says the Guardian. But what the heck is a “right wing free marketer”? It’s a free marketer they want to try to make look bad.

It might seem a tough gig to make something as universally desired as freedom sound bad, but the left have made an art of it. Why? They are anti-freedom.

Let’s speak plainly – to bigoted left-wingers calling something ‘right wing’ is code for ‘fascist’. So a history lesson… the fascists weren’t free marketers, they were as obsessed with central planning and authoritarian top down control as the left-wingers were and are. To libertarians the far left and far right are identically bad for freedom.

How do authoritarian left-wingers give freedom a bad name? By falsely pairing freedom with right-wing regimes that are nothing to do with freedom, that are the enemies of freedom, that have more in common with the left’s own ideology than any freedom loving libertarian.

Don’t be fooled. Freedom is the prize. The left hate it, because it takes away from state control, and the far right hate it for the same reason. ‘Regulate, regulate, regulate’ is the mantra of the left and the right, with the state – those Orwellian pigs turned farmers – running everyone’s lives for them. In that sense libertarians are nothing to do with either, and neither are free markets (genuinely free ones, that is).

New PM shows ruthless streak as he packs team with Brexiters and rightwingers

Source: Boris Johnson takes his revenge and sacks over half the cabinet