Communist-lite Socialists At Home Make Us Weak

The socialistic ‘make Britain weak again’ crowd are the useful fools, softening us up with their communist-lite policies, preparing us for what the full-fat communists really want to throw at us.

The cold war may be over, but the ideological hostility never ended. We see it at home in the willingness to convert the UK into a helpless vassal state, the labelling of libertarians and freedom supporters as far-right, the reckless borrowing and exposure of key services and infrastructure to communistic ideological enemies.

Appeasing a dragon… you’re going to get burned.

China is a sleeping lion. Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world. ~Napoleon

…These are not just the predictions of one man looking in from the outside—Communist Party leaders have confessed to the very same dreams. Lee Kuan Yew told Graham Allison that hundreds of Party officials came to him over the years to seek his advice, and they all shared the same nostalgia for “a world in which China was dominant and other states related to them as supplicants to a superior, as vassals came to Beijing bearing tribute.” Graham Allison knows of a Shanghai deputy mayor who says he looks forward to the day when every upper-middle class family in Shanghai has an American houseboy.8 This unlikely vision begins to look less unlikely when we remember the power and influence such visionaries hold—power and influence that is growing rapidly.

The time has come to take the Chinese Communist Party very seriously indeed. Successive Western governments have dealt softly with their counterparts in Beijing, hoping for the gradual emergence of a Western-style democratic regime. We convinced ourselves that if you leave lions alone then they will become completely different animals. Now we must deal with the consequences of that mistake. The Communist Party will never change, it will only get worse—and already it begins to threaten the liberty of people all over the world. …

Source: When the Lion Wakes: The Global Threat of the Chinese Communist Party – Quillette