The little red hen

The Little Red Hen

Charity is a virtue that expands the character of the giver while helping the receiver, entitlement makes a virtue of theft and coercion.

UK Parliament

Dictators Love Secrecy

Which set of rogues to trust with our safety? The unknown demonised suspect terrorists, or the known corrupt self serving government? Shall I toss a coin?

The Distraction From Freedom

Lovers of freedom might forget the levers of power are the problem, not the solution. Rather than raising their voice against the levers, they grab for them, to use them to prevent other people using them.

The Climate Flat Earth

The belief that climate change is man-made in spite of repeated bad predictions and a relatively tiny window of observation is in my view the equivalent of being a flat-earther – because the horizon looks flat from here.

Saving the Soul of Libertarianism in the UK – Part 1

You see why I think there is a threat to the soul of libertarianism in the UK? When those claiming to stand as its defenders behave in such a way what else can it be called? Only the members of a Party can do anything about this type of thing, and they can only do it if they are aware of it.

The Coming Clash – Capital vs. Labour

With the current direction of travel it seems likely that before long there will be a clash between capital and labour that could either be devastating to freedom, or to set it off for another stretch with a more secure footing.