Unwanted HS2 Creates Problems for Local Business

I’m a supporter of shooting sports and I welcome more people getting involved. Because of strict gun laws in the UK it can be difficult setting up business as a shooting ground but once you’re up and running it quickly proves popular among participants. But this time the challenge is different.

It’s not licensing and gun laws that are threatening the sport locally, but HS2.

Local business, Field Sport UK, a clay shooting and outdoor activity centre, finds their hard won shooting ground threatened by HS2 plans to plough straight through it.

It’s time the HS2 project was binned so we can avoid an expensive White Elephant, and businesses like Field Sport UK can know their commitment to developing and growing their business will not be wasted.

Full story here on Ashby Nub News:

An Ashby company is in dispute with HS2 over plans to run the new railway line straight through their business site.

Source: Ashby Company In Row With HS2 After Plans To Cut Through Lount Site