On Being Told to Move to Somalia

Ilhan Omar and I have at least this in common, I have been told to move to Somalia too.

It was Julie Borowski’s witty Tweet that reminded me, yet it’s an all too ready ‘suggestion’ given to libertarians. Why? Libertarians want small government and maximum individual freedom. The partially informed pro-big state listener often equates that with some kind of Mad Max anarchy and seems, frequently, to think therefore the libertarian vision would result in Somalia like insecurity and lack of infrastructure. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Libertarianism isn’t about chaos, it’s about defending individual rights. It’s not about zero infrastructure, it’s about reducing state meddling and overreach. Police, courts, roads, security are all things libertarians like. Why wouldn’t they have them?

I hope Ilhan Omar stays in the US, sees the good in it, and works to make it better for everyone by protecting individual rights. I’ll be staying in the UK for the time being, doing the same.