‘No-Deal’ Best for Britain, That’s Why It’s Being Blocked

There are those who think that if May can somehow be removed in a leadership bid within the Tory Party a new Prime Minister could negotiate a better deal with the EU. But it is my honest opinion that the EU will never play ball on any kind of exit. Not with the UK, nor with any nation that tries to leave.

Playing the moves forward the EU has no choice but to make leaving as horrendous as possible. Any other outcome, from the EU point of view, is an invitation for every other disgruntled nation to leave too – and there are plenty who would – so they won’t permit that. So there will be no trading on old terms while we enjoy the freedom of the world, even ‘no deal’ is not horrendous enough to scare other member states into staying, which is why this ‘deal’ of May’s has been struck instead, because that actually is awful.  The sum of all this means, from our point of view, that no-deal is the only viable alternative.

The EU knows that no-deal isn’t nearly as bad as they want us to believe, so they are terrified we will actually try it. Consequently the plan of action appears to have been for the EU to collude with Theresa May to pretend no-deal is so bad that we will accept the infinitely worse ‘prisoner’ position she is touting now. For the EU that is the only thing that will convince other nations to remain in the union.

A good deal for the UK won’t save the EU, even a Brexit on no-deal WTO terms won’t save them, not when they see our prosperity within the first 5 years. So this treacherous charade May is playing is necessary to try to convince us that what is, in fact, the worst option (May’s ‘deal’) is the best option, and that the best option (no-deal) is the worst option. But I am not fooled. Few are.

Yet it’s now only the MPs in Westminster who have the power to reject this appalling stitch-up, and while so many of them seem willing to play along with the charade I fear it’s tantamount to having a 5th column sitting in our own parliament.

Even so, the bottom line is that only no-deal will work for Britain, that’s why May and the other EU cronies are desperate for us to be prisoners to the EU. If we actually tasted our freedom the charade would be exposed and the EU would come apart.