Left or Right Wing Collectivism Is Incompatible With Liberty

There is little to choose between Marxists/Communists and Fascists. Both are left wing collectivist and socialist ideologies, both enforce them with aggression, the main difference appears to be who they selected as the bogeyman to unite people against.

Fascism and Marxism/Communism are described as national socialism and international socialism respectively. Of course there are those who think Communists And socialists are left wing and Fascists are right wing – but if so that makes the entire left- right political spectrum socialist and collectivist. That being so it kicks freedom lovers off the spectrum completely – requiring the addition of a vertical axis depicting the libertarianism and totalitarianism spectrum.

Either way you want to draw it, Fascists and Marxists/Communists sit side by side as aggressive authoritarians who want to force you to live their idea of utopia… nearly always spelled H E L L in the end.

Libertarians are neither left nor right, in the sense most people use the terms… they are libertarian, and respect your freedom.