Disagreement Is A Sign Of A Free Society

Have you noticed, that as soon as the establishment begins to lose its grip on the direction of public opinion, it calls any discussion of things it disagrees with ‘divisive’.

In normal parlance this means ‘tending to cause disagreement or division’, to the establishment, unsurprisingly, it means disagreement with them. When they invoke the charge of ‘divisive’ they’re really saying ‘stop disagreeing with us, get back in line, read the script!’ But, of course, it takes two to disagree, and a free people have no reason to automatically accept that the establishment is right while they themselves are wrong.

There is nothing inherently wrong with division and disagreement, in fact it’s a healthy sign of a free society – no wonder the establishment use it as a pejorative, they don’t like freedom that works in other directions than the one they wish us to travel.

So I say keep speaking, keep disagreeing when you see things you disagree with, your future ability to disagree depends on your exercising the ability now. Differences of opinion are the natural state, and there is nothing wrong with that so long as coercion is not used to force one view on us all.

An understanding of truth may be a desirable outcome of being willing to voice opposing views, bringing grey areas into focus can reveal a distinct line between black and white – so important when establishment power seeks to obfustcate its less reputable or more threatening or sinister dealings. ‘Better not explore divisive things,’ says the establishment, ‘much better to leave them lost in the grey, exactly as they are, exactly as we intend them to be, for the sake of avoiding disagreement.’

All the more reason, say I. Then here’s to disagreeing without being disagreeable, here’s to a free society.