It’s Good To Be Sceptical

Over the years, enough claims have been found to be false, or misrepresented in their connotations, or superseded, as to make scepticism a reasonable and necessary position.

Can The Supreme Court Claim Impartiality?

Since the eleven Supreme Court Justices delivered their verdict against PM Boris Johnson there have, naturally, been many people questioning their impartiality. Not least because there was no dissension in the judgement at all – the decision was unanimous.  Such outcomes should be questioned and it’s the right of every person to do so.

The Undemocratic Path Of EU Integration

The irony of all this, when you add it all up, is that Remainers and MPs who are crying out to not leave without a deal, are all basically saying this: ‘we want to be members of the EC trading bloc again’. Unfortunately, as Cameron found out, as Parliaments and Prime Ministers over the decades ensured, but without a mandate from the people, the EC trading bloc no longer exists. If only Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown had held referendums back then it could have been so different.

To Speak? Or Not To Speak?

I’m in favour of free speech. It’s not because there are people I want to be unkind about, it’s because free speech is a human right and because the state getting involved in censoring speech is a serious backward step towards authoritarianism.

The Dissolution Of Parliament

I would prefer a written constitution for Britain which clearly identifies *the people* as the source of the state’s power – not Westminster, and not an even more remote and unaccountable monarch. Let the monarch remain, but let the source of power be the people and be written in the constitution as such, and let future such issues be resolved on the basis that the people are sovereign.